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Staying Active
Staying Active

Staying Active

Staying active
You both want to keep fit and healthy to keep up with your busy life. The activity level required by your companion is largely dependant on their breed, age and size. Some smaller breed dogs burn up plenty of energy scampering around the house all day, where as others need extra exercise to keep them both physically and mentally stimulated. Exercise is an important factor for enriching their lives as it allows them to socialise with other people and dogs and to satisfy their curious nature by sniffing around in a new environment.

Going for walks in the great outdoors is a fantastic way of keeping fit, as well as enabling your dog to socialise and satisfy that naturally curious disposition. Even if it’s just a short stroll around the block twice a day, walking with your dog provides a great opportunity to spend quality time together. Plus, who knows who you may meet whilst you’re on your travels!

Upping the pace…
Be sure to consult your vet before you and your dog embark on a major fitness challenge. They will be able to assess whether or not your dog’s cardia, circulatory systems and joints are up to the challenge. And remember, it’s always best to build things up gradually.

Things to notice…
Your little friend will be keen to keep up with you, so don’t overdo it, particularly during the hotter months when heat stress and fatigue can come on quickly. Watch for excessive panting, changing from a pink to bluish colour around the lips and tongue or any other behaviour that is unusual for your dog. There are many nifty drinking receptacles on the market now for while you're out and about. It may be worth investing in a small fold up dish and having some water on hand at all times.

The importance of rest…
Some dogs – for example puppies, older dogs and expectant mothers – should be monitored carefully when exercising. If your companion is a little under the weather, the best option is make sure he or she is rested properly and given the right amounts of food and water. Check with your vet if you’re concerned.

Environmental enrichment…
Exercise is as important to the mental wellbeing of your pet as it is for their physical health. On days where exercise is limited such as busy workdays and bad weather, ensure your dog has other activities to keep them occupied such as toys, long lasting treats or activities that require thought. There are many different products available from your local pet store and supermarket.

Training needs…
Many dogs enjoy some training and even if you’re not wishing to launch yourself into a rigorous obedience regime, it is important that your dog understands how to behave, whether alone with you or out and about with others.

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