The Perfect Balance

As the makers of CESAR®, we're seriously devoted to small dogs, just like you. Our obsession has always been making nutritious, high quality products to satisfy even your most finicky critic. And because we understand the special needs of your small dog, we want to introduce you to the benefits of Mixed Feeding. Mixed Feeding means serving a combination of CESAR® Wet and CESAR® Dry products, so that your best friend enjoys the benefits of both unique products. It's a healthy and balanced combination that you and your small dog will both appreciate.

We've poured our passion for small dogs into CESAR®; Dry. As an important part of the Mixed Feeding diet, CESAR®; Dry is formulated specifically for small dogs to aid in digestive health and regularity. Obviously, small dogs have smaller mouths, which can make it difficult for them to pick up and chew large kibble. CESAR®; Dry's distinctive "H-Shaped" kibble is specifically designed for small dogs, to be easy for them to pick up and chew. The kibble can also get between their teeth to help keep them clean, and the rounded edges are designed to be gentle on their little mouths. CESAR®; Dry is a complete and balanced meal and is a key part of the Mixed Feeding diet.

But that's only half of the Mixed Feeding story. Lovingly prepared for adult small dogs, CESAR® Wet products are formulated with high quality meat or poultry, and are 100% complete and balanced meals, providing your small dog with additional moisture content, compared to dry food. Since small dogs are prone to urinary tract problems, they can benefit from added moisture in their diet. You'll feel great about serving CESAR®; Wet Entrées everyday, knowing that you are doing something good for your small dog. Get the healthy scoop on wet food!

Give only the best to your small dog. Give your small dog CESAR® Wet mixed with CESAR® Dry food for premium nutrition and maximum enjoyment. This way, they will get the best of both worlds. Together or separately, no matter how it's served, it can only lead to one thing - the very best nutrition and taste for your small dog. Start your mixed feeding regimen today.

The information above is of a general nature, and may be used as a handy guide to help you monitor your pet's well being and development. It should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.
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