Little Nuggets about Small Dogs

There’s so much to learn about small dogs. And life with your canine companion has probably taught you an awful lot already.
You know how loyal she is and how much she loves to curl up beside you on the couch. You know how easy it is to take her anywhere and that it’s best to feed her food and treats specially formulated to meet her unique nutritional requirements.
But there are some things we bet you didn’t know. Some are useful, some are interesting and some are just plain fun. So here are a few little nuggets about small dogs:
1) When your small dog celebrates her first birthday, she’s as mature, physically, as a 15-year-old human.
2) On average, a small dog who lives in the city lives 3 years longer than her country-dwelling counterpart.
3) You know the little dog sitting between the boy’s legs on the side of the Cracker Jack box? His name is Bingo.
4) Your small dog has no sense of time! So she’ll give you that same energetic welcome every time you walk through the door – no matter how long you’ve been out of the house.
5) One of the most-common health problems among dogs is obesity. Ensuring you give your small dog proper nutrition, without overfeeding, is so important. And with the right amount of exercise, your canine friend will be healthy for years to come.
6) Most small dogs travel well in a car. But you can even take your small dog on a plane with you. Many airlines will let you two travel together with her carrier safely stowed underneath the seat.
7) The smallest breed of dog in the world is the Chihuahua. And just like human babies, Chihuahuas are born with a soft spot in their skull which closes as they age.