✔ Made with High-Quality Protein for easy digestion
✔ 100% complete & balanced nutrition for adult small dogs
✔ Fortified with vitamins and minerals
✔ No artificial flavours
✔ No fillers

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about us image

The science of the Doggy Dance

We employ many methods to judge our food’s success, but by far the most rigorous is the Doggy Dance.

This is the excited little wiggle we observe in dogs when they realise they’re about to be fed a Cesar® wet dog food recipe. Its characteristics include a wildly happy face, a furiously wagging tale and a distinct shimmy in the region of the posterior.

Our vets hypothesise that this may be related to the famous Pavlov’s Dogs theory, but it is more likely to simply be an involuntary physical reaction to the delectable whiff of Cesar®.

Research continues.