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✔ Made with High-Quality Protein for easy digestion
✔ 100% complete & balanced nutrition for adult small dogs
✔ Fortified with vitamins and minerals
✔ No artificial flavours
✔ No fillers

Our ingredients

Nothing is more important to us than helping your dog thrive with nourishing, healthy dog food. That’s why we develop our recipes with the help of our experts, ensuring they fulfil 100% of the nutritional needs of your dog, so you can share the joy of luxurious, tasty food with your best friend.

All the ingredients we use in our dog food are there to fulfil a specific role such as providing nutrition, increasing safety or improving the taste of our already delicious food.

Designed with Small Dogs in Mind

With a wide range of bold recipes and pleasing textures, these meals are designed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Plus, wet food has fewer calories than most dry food, so it can help meet your companion's energy needs while satisfying their appetite.

Meat & nutritious offal

Offering recipes with less than 6 ingredients, real meat and veggies

Give your dog a restaurant-worthy experience with our menu of CESAR® SIMPLY CRAFTED™ recipes. Use them as a snack or a gourmet topper with their dry food. With no more than six key ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours, fillers or preservatives - they're only made with what your dog will love.

Big Rewards for Small Mouths

When it's time to show some extra affection or give a well-earned reward, choose from a range of mouth-watering treats. They're perfect for between-meal training and pampering your pup.


Discover our delectable recipes, from old favourites to new flavours