First puppy-things first
If they aren’t already, your new puppy will soon be exploring and sniffing every nook and cranny of your place. It’s how dogs get used to their surroundings. Here are a few essentials – things that will help you make your new housemate feel right at home in your home.

Crate – Odds are, your new puppy will come home in their new crate. They’re important for helping your new roommate feel safe. And it gives them a place to call their own.
Collar and Leash – Get your puppy a lightweight adjustable collar. They’re comfortable and can be lengthened to allow for growth. Attach a retractable leash and your puppy enjoys a feeling of freedom when out for walks.
Of course, puppies are naturally curious. So a fixed leash is a good idea too. Get two leashes – one for the car and another to keep in the house for walks.
Identification Tag – You know who your new friend is, but not everyone does. That’s why ID tags are so important. Attach them to your puppy’s collar and, if puppy gets lost, it’ll be much easier to be reunited.
Puppy Food – Small dog puppies have unique nutritional needs, so it’s important to start them on a puppy formula. These recipes provide all the protein and nutrients needed to foster healthy development.
Water Bowl/Food Bowl – Stainless steel double bowls help you keep things clean. Put them in a holder and puppy won’t be able to knock them over – even less chance of a mess.
Treats – Don't forget treats for training and rewarding your pup. You have an awful lot to teach your new friend and rewarding them with those tasty treats will help. Just make sure the treats you give them are formulated for puppies – like CESAR® Double Delights™ treats. They’re complete and balanced treats for all your dog’s life stages.

Getting ready to bring your new puppy home is an incredibly exciting time. And before you start planning what you two will do together first, grab these must-haves. They’ll help make your new puppy feel at home and help keep them safe.