Naturally, you want the very best for your small dog simply because it deserves the very best. And, since CESAR® dog food is healthy and tasty, it's the perfect choice! You can feel proud knowing that you're giving your small adult dog the nutrients it needs and the irresistible flavour it craves. See for yourself… You'll notice that its delightful reaction can attest to it!

CESAR® dishes out a well-balanced meal with exceptional flavour
There's no doubt that most dogs love meat, meat and more meat. Since CESAR® wet meals contain real cuts of meat or poultry it will have even the pickiest of eaters longing for more. CESAR® trays for small dogs have more than 20 recipes products to choose from. So, whether your pooch is craving duck or turkey, filet mignon or beef stew flavours, you can rest assured that CESAR® recipes are a complete and balanced meal for small adult dogs.

One way to help your small dog maintain good urinary tract health is to make sure that its water intake is adequate. Feeding your adult small dog wet food on a daily basis will help to increase the amount of moisture in its diet. But be sure to always remember to have fresh water readily available for your small companion to drink at all times.

Another great advantage of wet food is that it contains less than half the calories of dry food when compared gram for gram. This means that wet food offers the benefits of an increased portion size with fewer calories compared to eating dry food alone. So your small dog can enjoy the wonderful taste of a hearty meal with fewer calories than eating only dry kibble.

What's your small dog's favourite food?
Some small dogs may struggle with a diet based purely on dry kibble. One way to help improve dry food consumption is by adding wet food to its diet. Wet food such as CESAR® HOME DELIGHTSTM can be served on its own, as a topper or mixed in with dry kibbles. However, it's important to follow the instructions on the package very carefully.

Every dog is different. So, it's difficult to say what some like versus others. Take note of what your small dog likes (and dislikes) by feeding it a variety of CESAR® products. Once you figure out which foods your small dog loves, you can feel good knowing that CESAR® products gives your small dog the proper nutrition it needs - and the pure satisfaction it loves!

The information above is of a general nature, and may be used as a handy guide to help you monitor your pet's wellbeing and development. It should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. All decisions regarding your pet are your responsibility.